WatchDiDa Short Video Smart Marketing System

Open the way of overseas short video marketing

Product introduction

Relying on T-TOK short video platform, watchdida, as a convenient intelligent short video creation and marketing system,Can enable usersto quickly generate high-quality short video content, quickly optimize the search ranking of short video platform, quickly achieve the short video platform private domain to win customers, and help foreign trade enterprise users to explore overseas marketing markets.

About T-TOK

As we all know, T-TOK has become one of the most popular social media in the world, with a huge pool of traffic and the largest source of off-site traffic for cross-bordere-commerce sellers.In addition, T-TOK also has a unique marketing model, and its double effect marketing of video and live streaming has attracted numerous sellers.But when it comes to T-TOK marketing, many people will compare to domestic Douyin and think that it is the home of ToC enterprises. In fact, ToB enterprises have quietly poured into the market. The participation of #factory on T-TOK has reached 5.4 billion,involving lighting, clothing, bathroom, hardware, toys and other industries.

Why launch T-TOK early?

The user base is large and the traffic is large

T-TOK now has more than 2 billion globalusers, nearly five times the number in China

Perfect algorithm mechanism

T-TOK's content algorithms help products reach, helping consumers discover potentia l shopping needs and interests

Platform Policy Support

Offers a variety of business incentives and growth programs

The platform is in a dividend period

T-TOK is like douyin was two or three years ago. The possibilities are endless

Shortage of content creators

With a huge number of users and a shortage of content creators,do you know what that means

Multiple ways to make money

For both the inexperienced and he expert, there are appropriate ways to make money

  • 150 countries

    T-TOK is now used in more than

  • 10 billion +

    Global monthly active users

  • 20 wan +

    content creators

  • 30 billion +

    Global Downloads

T-TOK is not a tuyere, but a trend. It is one of the social platforms that foreign traders must use
WatchDida Core Values
  • 1
    A variety of private domain transformation tool system, help customers to get customers easily, easy management consulting
  • 2
    Assist users to register and host T-TOK accounts without obstacles, and operate accounts easily
  • 3
    Overseas short video automatic creation and marketing, efficient promotion, improve brand exposure and drainage overseas
  • 4
    Help foreign trade enterprises and individual users to develop overseas marketing markets and seize new opportunities

About us

QYT takes WatchDida as the leading product, office cooperation as the carrier, and 221 SAAS systems with different functions as the matrix, closely centering on assisting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to realize the two core needs of "automation of making money" and “simplification of operation".

Applicable people

Shopee Lazada/Amazon sellers

The competition on the original platform is fierce, and it directly collects links to T-TOK to make the spread of the popularity

Domestic factory owners

There are quality products, a perfect supply chain, want to go to sea to build its own brand

Opportunity and Challenger

Domestic Douyin Kuaishou competition is fierce, how to find new opportunities overseas

Zero base beginner

No capital, no connections, want to look for new projects to start a business

Independent site seller

Facebook, Google traffic is expensive and getting harder to convert

Case analysis of marketing promotion and customer acquisition of foreign trade enterprise T-TOK
  • Step 1

    Determine the countries and regions for promotion, and the headquarters register T-TOK accounts on behalf of the headquarters, or provide its own T-TOK accounts for authorization binding

    WatchDida has millions of dynamic IP to support users' barrier-free registration and binding to T-TOK accounts

  • Step 2

    Assist in building T-TOK homepage, account packaging, and building the international website of "Huihai"

    Account packaging is equal to the basic facade, including profile picture, nickname, introduction, external link and video 5 elements are related to the theme

  • Step 3

    Prepare and create product materials, release videos, naturally recommend the whole network to be exposed through T-TOK.

    search rankings to attract precise attention Preempt vertical industry labels. T-TOK's content is heavily weighted in Google's search, and it drives Google's precise traffic.

  • Step 4

    The fourth step: through the "clue" and private domain “message", reply intention comments, guide to see the home page click the external link or email contact

    Clues belong to peer account interception, peer account monitoring, pay attention to his intendecomments and fans, and then find ways to reach him

  • Step 5

    Customers click through to websites or private domains, prompting users to place orders

Information dynamic