T-Tok's brand marketing ideas

11-18 2022

Vertical screen, unstoppable. The vertical screen is 3.16 times larger than the horizontal screen, and the visual effect is increased from 9: 16 becomes 16:9, which fully fits the reading habits of mobile phone users. Vertical screen advertising has more advantages in terms of the space to play, the content displayed, and the visual design concept expressed. Next, I will introduce you to the two major rules of brand vertical screen marketing creativity:

(1) The law

of user ignition

【Keywords】Hot spots are equal, interesting and imitable, and voluntary diffusion

1. Hot

spots Investigate popular content

, popular music, and hot events, create resonant videos of user intimacy or creative extension of hot challenge content, and attract users with unique content!

2. Equal and interesting content

Ad-free preaching, equal dialogue, in line with T-Tok tonality.

Fast-paced, relaxed, entertaining and suitable for young tastes.

The data shows that soft ads for music, dance, jokes, and plot interpretation are implanted with an effective playback rate of 53.7% and a 139.2% increase in the completion rate compared with pure ads , the forwarding rate increased by 10.7 times; The review rate increased by 23.9 times. Therefore, life-oriented and entertaining content is more in line with the context and user preferences of vertical screen platforms.

3. Content voluntarily forwarded by users Considering


context of the platform, it is good at combining the platform's hot memes, special effects, tools and technical flow gameplay, and has a low threshold, allowing users to voluntarily follow up imitation, forwarding, fission propagation, and forming explosive models.

(2) The law of content origin

How to skillfully implant the brand?

1. Purpose

Display the product in the scene of life, make

the product have a sense of intimacy, make users more identifying, and implant brand information in the video.

The data shows that the click-through rate of product videos in life scenes is 1.34 times higher than that of pure promotional ads, and the click-through rate of characters is 71.45% higher than that of no people.

2. Application

of "native rules" (

1) Pay attention to user experience

and create life scenes (2)

Master the rhythm of the plot and create a reversal gap (

3) Draw a beautiful blueprint and create emotional resonance

Vertical screen advertising is not a simple video patchwork secondary editing, but a "temperature" of life native content, leading a better life and making users willing to accept.

3. How to efficiently reach and drive users?

Brands and content authors need to grasp the intelligent technology of short video platforms to achieve the goal of optimizing advertising and work display results.

The overseas version of D tone T-Tok has the advantage that each work has equal exposure opportunities, which is the reason for attracting a large number of self-media authors. Native high-quality content as a starting point to attract a large number of users to watch and participate, brand interaction, enhance cognition, and promote consumption.

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