Create a routine for T-Tok blockbuster videos

11-18 2022

There are roughly three more practical and easy-to-operate routines:

1. Guide comment forwarding

2. Make good use of built-in functions

3. Deceive likes

First, guide users to comment or forward


think this is the most important and the best to use, and the effect is also the best when used well, to give a few more examples to illustrate.

For example, the overseas version of D tone T-Tok is more popular: math speed calculation teaching video

Some single videos have nearly 600W of views, and when the user finally gets the answer, many people find problems after watching it. What were the first thoughts of these people after they found out? Forward it to others to see if others find a problem. If not, then you can show it, or leave a comment directly to point out the problem.

Then the purpose of this video is to trigger everyone's comments and retweets.

The algorithm of the overseas version of D-tone T-Tok does not pay attention to the purpose of forwarding and the content of comments, it only looks at the quantity. With many comments and forwards, the T-Tok platform thinks this is a good video, and everyone is willing to watch it. Especially forwarding, the platform likes it the most. High retweets can bring high weight bonuses to videos and accounts. Because forwarding will bring external new traffic to the overseas version of D-tone T-Tok. In this way, the platform will constantly push video to a larger traffic pool.

In fact, there are still many accounts of such videos in the overseas version of D tone T-Tok, and they are basically this routine. This kind of casual writing on paper is also original, and there is nothing that violates the T-Tok community guidelines, so the traffic of each video is high, which is a very worthy method.

In addition to arithmetic, there can also be some life skills that seem to work but are not useful, such as computer and mobile phone operations. Although it looks silly, it does bring traffic, and the disadvantage is that the rate of follow attention is not high, after all, people who generally see the problem will not follow. However, traffic is king, and videos like this type of special arithmetic belong to the education category, and it is easier to operate in the future.

For example, a blogger previously posted a mediocre video of making egg cakes for more than ten seconds, but the number of views was nearly 6000W, there were more than 300W likes, and the number of comments and retweets of the video was also very high. This is very similar to the arithmetic class we talked about earlier, but the routine is different. The reason it detonated the comment retweet was the title of the video. The title says: Food Egg's translated word is egg food? Isn't this nonsense? Then naturally there will be many people who comment and forward: Look, this person said a nonsense. What else can eggs be besides food?

Of course, there are other factors why this video can be so popular. For example, video length: 15 seconds. This is very conducive to increasing the completion rate.

Let's take another example of the domestic D tone.

An ordinary little girl danced a very ordinary dance, put in the D sound, really not prominent at all. But at the beginning of the video, you may have noticed that it seems that a mouse or something swooped behind the little girl, which triggered the comment. Everyone is talking about whether there are rats in the house. But if you look closely, it's actually an electric toy, we don't know if the video author deliberately did it or coincidentally, but it did explode.

Another advantage of this approach is that it greatly increases the rebroadcast rate. Because everyone will watch it several times and see what it is, this routine can also improve additional likes, and then explain to everyone how to get additional likes 。

Second, make good use of the built-in template function is to make good

use of some built-in

templates provided by T-Tok, effects and the like. Videos created with these have a recommended bonus. Of course, most of them are to be guaranteed. But there are also suitable for ordinary people, such as: photo templates. You click to upload video, you can see a template template option below, click in to see many sets of photo templates, after the video taken with the photo template is uploaded, there is also a good amount of playback, you can try it, but the time is best in 8~10 seconds.

3. Scam on T-Tok

, pause is

click, of course, you are sure that the pause is not on the point, every time always feel a little worse, a little worse, what to do? Some experienced students immediately said: double-click.

Right! Double-clicking in T-Tok becomes a like. Earlier, we talked about the video of the little girl dancing, and also guided everyone to pause. All right! I know most people will unlike when they find out. However, there are always a group of people like me who will smile heartily, just that's it, so it is estimated that these tens of thousands of likes came from this.

Well, these are some of the popular routines I summarized. Hope this helps.

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