T-Tok Shop USA Station Entry Guide

11-25 2022

A few days ago, T-Tok Shop Seller Center quietly increased the application channel for the US station. This means that after the launch of the UK and many Southeast Asian sites such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore, T-Tok It also began to test the closed loop of e-commerce in the United States, the site with the largest number of users.

This article will explain the development trend of T-Tok Shop e-commerce in the United States in detail, focusing on the following three points

: ● The difference between the American semi-closed-loop car and the local small store ● How T-Tok enters the US market

● Monetization model

The difference between semi-closed-loop Anglo-American fusion cars and local American small shops The soft condition for the Anglo-American fusion car in the UK is now £2,000 in 30 days, which can be achieved through the T-Tok Shop (TTS) to apply for the Anglo-American fusion car, which is the first application path.

The second application path is called a pure semi-closed loop. This is via T-Tok For The advertising or talent department in Business (TT4B) can directly apply for this pure semi-closed loop car through some of their plans.

The semi-closed-loop car is divided into three parts, the first part is to have a semi-closed-loop car to advertise, and the value generated by purely off-site advertising is different. After the seller gets the semi-closed-loop car, if he wants to use it If Shopify links to ads to advertise, you don't need to do your own pixels, and you can directly put all the information of Shopify including ROI and CPM in the background This supporting information is seamlessly connected.

There are several purposes for seamless connection, the first is that the advertisement is wrongly burned and leaked, in fact, you can find TTS or TTFB The advertising department applied for a refund; Second, if the amount of advertising burned is large enough, you can find the official to apply for ROI delivery. ROI delivery refers to when a store is linked After Shopify and sellers enter the semi-closed-loop system, the official will push several delivery plans, such as pure automatic delivery, ab group delivery, one of which is a "very fragrant" scheme, called ensuring ROI Delivery, you can consult the advertising manager.

semi-closed loop, there are also short videos. Sellers can also send the video of the little yellow car through the semi-closed-loop path, but the semi-closed loop and the local are less selected alliances, and without the featured alliances, they can't let the experts help bring the goods, and they can only make semi-closed-loop short videos themselves. Attention, only TTS small stores have select alliances, and semi-closed loops that take the TTFB path do not have select alliances. There was a test before, that is, the video will be locked in the traffic after being sent out in a semi-closed loop, and the playback volume will be difficult to rush up.

In addition, the semi-closed loop content of the store and search will be relatively small, and this piece will be given to the local to do, and finally all orders are transacted through Shopify, with PayPal and credit card collection. Early in the U.S. market, it may be better to close with a Shopify store than a fully closed-loop TTS store. The reason is that the former puts PayPal Linked to collection companies such as credit cards.

How does T-Tok enter the US market?

The local small stores in the United States are the full closed loop of the United States, and the semi-closed loop and fully closed loop small stores in the United States have small yellow cars, but the focus on business logic is different. The semi-closed loop in the United States focuses more on live streaming and more on short videos; The full closed loop is more focused on bringing goods by talents.

The registration link of the full closed loop in the United States has been opened, as shown in the figure

: The registration process is divided into 4 steps: First, register with a U.S. phone number, email address, and don't forget to fill in the correct invitation code. The invitation code is made by the US Native TTS The team obtains through investment promotion, and then the current investment is targeted investment.

The second is to provide a company certificate, a U.S. passport or a U.S. driver's license.

The third is to wait for the result. The seller will receive an email with the outcome of the application.

The fourth is to link the T-Tok account to the store and start selling.

In addition, T-Tok's search traffic and influencer traffic are completely open to TTS, that is, all open to local stores in the United States.

Sellers with search traffic and influencer alliances may not have to do a lot of short videos, do not need to do live broadcasts, you can order, and then do a little short video, live broadcast, the entire sales can rise, that is T-Tok e-commerce's biggest cake.

monetization mode

1.Short video monetization

>  Post a video drive to hang a link on your Page and direct people to click on the Page link.

The general process is as follows: account homepage link - publish video drainage - guide users to click on the link - independent site payment order

Before posting videos, it was necessary to direct traffic to independent sites to complete transactions, Now that many accounts post videos, they can directly hang the little yellow car to complete the transaction.

Most of the American traffic on the market will be pushed to the little yellow car, which is consistent with the logical thinking of the traffic of D sound, so it is recommended that the seller make the small yellow car first.

Students who hoarded a lot of American accounts in the early days, some accounts should gradually receive a small yellow car opening link, and there will be many requirements, such as providing a set of W9 in the United States The certification of the tax form, such as how many fans to reach, such as how many short videos have been made in 30 days, whether there is a short video with more than tens of thousands of views, and so on.

If you can't quickly get semi-closed-loop and full-loop American stores as a merchant, you can try to be a host first, such as doing some accounts with a relatively high fan base in the United States, and then wait for the official to issue you a small yellow car and issue the permission to become a master. Then earn a commission by bringing goods to merchants.

2.Private domain monetization

if you're going to do Shopify in the U.S In the semi-closed-loop form, starting with live streaming goods, the effect is very good. Case data: "Now in the United States, pure semi-closed-loop small brand small yellow cars, broadcast for two hours a day, can probably produce 1000-3000." US dollars, and some of the small partners around us who get the Anglo-American fusion car can also rely on the average amount of 1000-3000 US dollars a day with US traffic, but if you do the UK, you can basically only achieve 400-600 a day Pound sterling. "The threshold is that the live streaming function can only be activated with 1,000 followers.

3. Advertising monetization

When the semi-closed loop appears, the ROI of the ad delivery It's significantly higher, and ad serving will be easier because the conversion path is shorter. It is recommended that the seller apply for a semi-closed loop and then advertise, if there is a semi-closed-loop car to advertise later, this is a matter of multiplying the result with half the effort.

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