T-Tok Raiders

12-08 2022

How to use FOR YOU to raise a number?

When you have a certain understanding of FOR YOU, you should know more or less which board you fell into before, right?

Congratulations, what people are most afraid of is not failure, but not knowing where to fail!

Next, I will take you to use the knowledge you have learned to simply teach you how to raise a good number!

(1) Account settings

Important: You need to be clear first - do you want to monetize? In which area are you monetizing?

Look down to monetize!

1. National Environment

Therefore, the fastest way is definitely the little yellow car.

At present, T-Tok can only be hung up by users in the United Kingdom and Indonesia, and the United States is in internal testing, and it will definitely be opened in the future. Therefore, these three are currently recommended.

2. Account nickname

Why figure out what you want to do? I'll show you good examples. You all know how fierce the beauty market is fighting. To stand out, vertical is the best and most basic choice, because vertical, the traffic you get is the most accurate. Some high-end players, to what extent?

lipstick: lipstick Look at people's account nicknames~ The word lipstick

has been deeply imprinted in its account itself At the same time, if you actively search for the word lipstick, you will find that more than half of the top ten accounts have related field names

3. Account avatar

If you want to do a good job, don't put the avatar

blindly, you like customers may not like it!

See how high-end gamers play!

The corresponding and accurate avatar can let people know at a glance what you do~

If you sell lipstick, try to put a high-definition avatar of lipstick, if you are a pet blogger, try to be as accurate as a cat? Or dogs? Don't think that you can choose a pet and do anything, your avatar is like a cat and a cat, and the videos are all dogs, do you think it is appropriate? To know how important is the avatar now?

Modern people are lazy, some people's account names may not necessarily be seen, but avatars can always be seen!

When you go vertically to your FOR YOU you will always extract the keyword lipstick, so that your first step is right!

(ii) User interaction

When your account is set up, you will enter the initial interface of T-Tok.

As mentioned above, T-Tok preliminarily summarizes the popular videos in the country or region where you set your account, and sends you a series of popular videos to play.

1. Daily maintenance for more than half an hour

You are smart, T-Tok is not stupid, no matter how you plan to monetize it in the future, first you have to make your account behave like a real person. This step is important, regardless of the casual use of people, it is likely to receive a zero-broadcast "surprise" after release.

2. Learn to enjoy the videos of big Vs in the same

fieldstyle="font-size: 18px;"> When you are recommended to the big V in the same field, and this video is relatively vertical, please generously like these videos. Favorites and even follow. Know that these are all important criteria by which T-Tok will judge your preferences!

but!!! It must be said! The gas volume is larger, don't look at who is a competitor.

When many friends come to me, they wonder why their FOR YOU is not too vertical

When I looked at their accounts, they all liked and saved the videos posted by their own accounts or videos posted by their own trumpets, and told me that those marketing accounts were their own opponents, and there was no need to send them traffic. Really angry to ascend to heaven, don't take T-Tok for a fool, the current machine is smarter than a person! You like your account, T-Tok really found you, can you really find out?

Learn to enjoy the videos of big Vs in the same field, T-Tok may feel that you are really learning and using real people!

3. Reject videos with excessive attribute

deviation The meaning of this sentence is not that you have to dislike it. First of all, no one will always brush a video that they don't like!

Encountering videos that don't belong to your account and flying by them can already make T-Tok think that you may not like this type of video.

When you continuously brush videos that do not belong to your field, you can consider choosing two or three video points that you don't like, plus you like and favorite videos in the same field, and you will find your FOR YOU is starting to get vertical!

4. Search field keywords

When you have been in the field for about half an hour, you can consider whether to search for domain-related words, or you can search again the next day

For example: lipstick: lipstick

After searching, directly watch the comprehensive, T-Tok will recommend a large number of videos, see good, click directly, feel that the content is good, like and then exit.

Or directly search for the topic of lipstick, there will also be a batch of corresponding videos, choose a few to see.

(3) Pay attention to posting your own videos!

1. Don't send

videos as soon as you register With the experience of people who have come to tell you, never post videos

as soon as you register!

Think for yourself, as soon as you register what properties are not ready, you start sending videos, don't you yourself feel like a marketing number? At this time, it is time to fight the probability, if it happens to be detected by the system and feels that you are a marketing number, give you a random limit to the flow, you have no place to cry!

The first three seconds of the video are important

Most people decide whether they will continue watching it depends on the first three seconds of a video!

If your video is always crossed away in the first 3 seconds, not only may not enter a larger and better traffic pool, but also may be judged by the system as inferior video to affect your subsequent traffic!

Recommendation: If it is a practical video, the actual product must appear in the first three seconds and account for at least half of the picture. If not, you can guide the user with copy at the beginning of the video!

3. Bring more and more accurate hashtags

to the video Many friends around will ignore the important point of video "hashtag" Bring domain-accurate tags, whether it's user search keywords or FOR When you recommend relevant videos to interested users, you will give priority to extracting from the video copy, "hashtag" is such a great recommendation tool, how can you ignore it?

Even if the copywriter really can't think of it, just put a tag to let more people see you!

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