What are the T-Tok drainage methods?

12-13 2022

At present, T-Tok is still in the stage of rapid development, but it is completely different from the highly mature D sound in China, which also makes T-Tok currently very tolerant of attracting traffic to third-party e-commerce platforms or third-party private domain platforms, and can even be described with the word encouragement!

Of course, some friends who have been working on domestic short video platforms for a long time may not believe it~ After all, the major domestic platforms have serious restrictions on this kind of popularity, even friends who do not operate probably know!

As for how to direct traffic to personal accounts on T-Tok? and how to divert traffic to the relevant corporate account.

Come and come, easily tell you one by one!

First, why is T-Tok drainable!

No matter how much you say, it's better to go straight to the evidence!


The above are all real screenshots of our direct T-Tok, whether you are doing cross-border stores on third-party e-commerce platforms led by Amazon and AliExpress, or relying on Facebook, Twitter and other related private domain platforms to attract monetization.

At T-Tok, you'll find easy ways to drain!

For third-party e-commerce platforms, the account homepage can be drained, the comment area can be drained, and the video can still be drained!

For T-Tok local merchants, in addition to the above third-party e-commerce platform drainage methods you can use, T-Tok official for T-Tok small store merchants, in the official account set up the exclusive entrance of T-Tok small store, attracted users as long as click on this account, you can see the product details of T-Tok small store!

If it is a personal drainage, T-Tok has specially set up a small yellow car function for those who meet the standards! Individuals who do not have a source can also bring all the goods in the official T-Tok affiliate program, regardless of all the costs of logistics, warehouses, goods, etc.!

You see, with so many channels of drainage entrance, whether you bring goods personally or merchants, they can all be realized!

Aren't you still impressed?

Think about today's domestic sound, and then think about T-Tok, do you have to wait for T-Tok to develop as rapidly as a domestic sound before entering?

How to drain on T-Tok?

I said a lot above why T-Tok can drain traffic, and give examples of drainage methods that can be used in T-Tok!

Next, it's easy to list the free or paid drainage methods available to everyone on T-Tok!

(1) Free drainage method 1. Account homepage drainage

You can attract traffic in your account's profile or account picture.

For example, the account avatar uses the relevant LOGO of its own brand, and mentions similar text in the personal profile such as "you can click the link below to get your favorite product" or "click on the shopping bag below, everything you want is here" to attract traffic to the port with goods.

A word of caution: this year's T-Tok version has been revised, and the link on the homepage must reach 1000 or more followers to hang the ha.

2.Video drainage

In fact, we can now make a guiding video cover, leave contact information in the video release copy, etc. Attract users from the video push process to the corresponding third-party platform.

3.Hot Review

There are two advantages to doing hot comment drainage, one is that it will make the system feel that you are more like a real person who often brushes T-Tok, and the other is that drainage has a certain drainage effect, you can comment on some paragraphs or complaining sentences under other people's popular videos, and when others see your comments and think you are interesting, they will click into your homepage to take a look.

4. Comment interception and drainage

General popular comments will be displayed first, missed the opportunity to be a hot comment, you can go to the hot comment of the hot comment, many people like to click on the hot comment to see.

5. Keyword optimization ranking drainage

Optimize the keywords in your work, such as # tags, video copywriting descriptions, subtitles in the text, and other details, Make your videos more searchable by users.

(2) Official drainage method

After talking about the free drainage methods above, let's talk about the official drainage methods available.

1. Small yellow car mode

(1) The way the little yellow car can get

At present, there are many ways for T-Tok to obtain the little yellow car:

For example, T-Tok merchants can automatically link all the products of their own small store.

For example, Shopify, which has reached a strategic partnership with T-Tok, can also get the small yellow car

through cooperation channels For example, even if an individual reaches a certain number of fans, he can officially apply for a small yellow car with T-Tok. Bring your own goods!


Therefore, the official method of draining + bringing goods is now very popular with everyone!

Because the effect of bringing goods is very good, the current easy paying students are also rushing to do it!

(2) Shopify merchants can also get small yellow cars

Most people may think that T-Tok's little yellow car is actually not so easy to get, and if the merchants on third-party platforms do not join the T-Tok small store, I am afraid that they will not be able to get the T-Tok small yellow car, right?

That's true, but it can't stop Shopify from reaching a strategic partnership with T-Tok!

Since strategic cooperation has been reached, it is natural to have some preferential treatment! Little yellow car, is one of them!

Shopify merchants can now hang their Shopify links directly on T-Tok and present them as little yellow cars!

But special tip ha: this method needs to be presented with T-Tok's advertising format!

T-Tok will give you a set of advertising tools in the background, which allow merchants to create original, shareable product video ads and publish them on the T-Tok platform.

At present, Shopify's merchants can understand a series of user behaviors such as website browsing history, website registration, add to cart, place orders and complete payments, and better help merchants understand the actions taken by users on the website, and then measure advertising results.

2.Shopify merchants join T-Tok shop

Let's start with a message! No deposit is required to join T-Tok Shop!

At present, T-Tok stores actually have entry thresholds~ but T-Tok officially added ways for Shopify merchants to settle in!

All Shopify merchants can join T-Tok small stores through T-Tok's separate link channel, and the account homepage can place the link of Shopify stores, so as to realize store matrix operation!

However, this method is not to embed a Shopify store in T-Tok, but to directly place orders on T-Tok to achieve a closed-loop ecology. Of course, if the user chooses to place an order in the Shopify URL on the account homepage, it is not impossible!

How to do it is up to you!

This article easily explains all of the things from the current situation of T-Tok to the advantages of Shopify and the method of linking T-Tok~

3. Use T-Tok ADS to drain traffic

Friends who have read Easy Before's articles should know that Easy has written a lot of articles about T-Tok marketing tools and the like, including T-Tok ADS.

T-Tok ADS is easily divided into the following 6 modules

(1) Flip open ads (i.e., Brand Takeover Ads) (2) Super Position

(i.e.: TopView Ads) (3) In-feed ads (i.e., In-feed Ads) (4) Brand Challenge (i.e., Hashtag Challenge)

(5) Brand performance ads (i.e., Branded Effect Ads

) (6)

The most common casting tool - Promote Among the above 6 modules, Promote is the most widely used, and its functions and usage methods are basically equivalent to Dou+ of a certain sound in China. Individuals, teams and merchants are used to starting with this section.

Because of these contents, I have easily written a lot, and if I write it specifically, I will expand it in a large volume, so I will not write in detail in this article.


FAQ After talking about the T-Tok drainage method, I will briefly talk about the doubts that most people will have when they first enter T-Tok! Hope to help you who are watching!

(1) Can people who are not good at English play and operate T-Tok?

Of course!

As long as you can swipe the video, you can play T-Tok

T-Tok is a "Chinese product" produced by our Chinese technology company - ByteDance, and a certain audio and video is called "overseas version of a certain sound".

but can see the world with T-Tok! Isn't it cool to do cross-border e-commerce~


span style="font-size: 18px;"> You can still set Chinese~ Steps: Find "Settings & Privacy" on the account homepage - select "Application Language" - use "Chinese

(Simplified)" - set up

This is T-Tok, isn't it convenient! Rush at a glance

~ You really want to knock English~

Come and go, these translation tools take ~

>  Deepl (if you are more grammatical, you can use this tool

) Google Translate (needless to say, already an old translation) Caiyun Translation (can directly translate web pages)

Deftpadf (can translate PDF or word and other files

) naturalreaders (speech conversion tool) (2)

Just register and do not follow the link

It is easy to know that many friends are in a hurry to cash out.

T-Tok's account homepage can be linked to independent websites, Amazon and other related links.

But! Based on the experience of the easy team after practice, it is strongly recommended that you do not rush to hang the link not long after registration!

If you just register and send it, HUAN realm, W network and other relevant information are detected by the system as abnormal, the system will think that you are a marketing number, quietly give you a flow limit, you cry there is no place to cry ~

Especially now that each account can only hang stores with normal jumps after reaching 1000+ followers. Before that, everyone could only put the link in the introduction for fans to search in the browser, so there was really no need to rush to the link when you just registered.

Of course, some friends say that 1000+ fans feel like a lot, but this is really just a matter of N in a day, and accounts with higher fan counts are OK.

It's still relatively simple to do, if you can't always rise the fan friend ~ you know it!

(3) The playback volume is 0, how to break!

Teach everyone one of the simplest, and effective tips for breaking 0!

Learn to co-shoot with popular videos!

There must be a reason why videos can be popular, learn to make simple co-production videos, and set the interactive content to be vivid and interesting~

From easy experience, as long as your HUAN and W network are fine, using the co-production method can ensure your playback volume~ It even has a considerable number of likes, favorites, and retweets!

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