Anatomy of T-Tok's user-friendly algorithm!

12-14 2022

Friends who have done T-Tok know that the T-Tok platform is famous for its powerful "humanized intelligent algorithms". Its "user retention rate" that surpasses many social media giants has left many platforms in the dust.

But in the eyes of friends who don't know T-Tok, it's like ordinary social media - fun, fun, novelty will spend a moment on it, but don't know that you have become part of T-Tok's huge global traffic, and are constantly read + retained.

But for individuals or businesses who want to make a pot of gold on T-Tok, or even long-term profits, T-Tok's magical algorithm mechanism is an excellent solution to help brand marketing and profitability, understand T-Tok's algorithm mechanism, whether it is brand image building or subsequent product sales are very helpful!


Without further ado, let's move on!

Why do cross-border merchants have to settle in T-Tok?

Here is a special part for friends who don't know or don't know much about it~ briefly talk about why cross-border merchants have to settle in T-Tok!

First of all, according to the current situation, T-Tok's monthly active users around the world have skyrocketed to 1.5 billion+, global download users have exceeded 3.5 billion+, and the platform covers 150+ countries and regions around the world, making it the world's fastest growing short video social platform.

Such a strong growth momentum, everyone who just said it will definitely not recognize it, and it is easy to prove it directly with official data.

(i) T-Tok's revenue growth in 2021 When the global economy is down, the world's leading mobile application data analysis company - Sensor Tower's latest data shows that users spent about $2.3 billion on T-Tok in 2021, an increase of about 77% year-over-year compared to $1.3 billion in 2020.

But the data above doesn't include the money advertisers are throwing at T-Tok.

According to industry insiders, T-Tok's advertising revenue reached nearly $4 billion in 2021. And a number of sales sources said that T-Tok plans to achieve at least 3% of advertising revenue in 2022 Double growth, reaching at least US$12 billion (about 76.37 billion yuan).

(ii) T-Tok's explosive trend in 2022

Sensor Tower store intelligence data: June 2022 With more than 60 million downloads, it has won the global mobile app (non-game) Download Top Rankings!

The other four apps in the top five are the well-known Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Instagram ranked second with nearly 59 million downloads.

PS: Downloads only count App Store and Google Play, excluding third-party Android markets in China and other regions) T-Tok is pressing overseas traditional social media giants in the international market, both downloads and revenue continue to rise, such a huge source of free traffic, why do you say cross-border e-commerce companies can let T-Tok go?

OK, after talking about the reason, let's quickly talk about the algorithm of T-Tok!

T-Tok's artificial intelligence algorithm T-Tok

is backed by the domestic Internet manufacturer - ByteDance, as a successful example of Chinese products going overseas, too many people want to explore T-Tok's excellent algorithm.

You know, ByteDance's recommendation algorithm was developed by its internal artificial intelligence laboratory and Peking University laboratory, and ByteDance's employees once proudly called it the "crown jewel" of ByteDance's success.

T-Tok impresses users with a highly shareable short-video social hybrid with a personalized "just for you" recommendation system that suggests what users look next, how people interact with the app in T-Tok, the reviews they post or the accounts they follow.

This makes T-Tok addictive and popular among Gen Z, with artificial intelligence being the main technology behind it.

(1) T-Tok AI framework

There are three directions for AI frameworks that can run T-Tok: big data framework, machine learning, and microservices architecture.

The big data framework is the starting point for recommender systems: it is responsible for T-Tok's real-time data stream processing, data calculation, and data storage.

Machine learning is the brain of recommender systems: it is responsible for a range of machine learning and deep learning algorithms and techniques that are applied to build models and generate recommendations that suit personal preferences.

A microservices architecture is the neuron of a recommender system: it is responsible for the underlying infrastructure that makes the entire system serve quickly and efficiently.

1.Big data framework

As we all know, without data, there is no intelligence.

Most of T-Tok's data comes from the device and device usage habits used by the user, not only including hardware conditions such as operating system and installed applications. What's more, T-Tok pays special attention to users' activity logs, such as daily usage such as watch time, swipe frequency, likes, shares, and comments.

These things make up T-Tok's big data framework!

2.Machine learning When a large number of data sets pour into the T-Tok background system, analysis simulation learning

such as content analysis, user analysis and scene analysis will naturally start work quickly!

T-Tok is classified through the algorithm experimental platform in the machine: a hybrid model of multiple machine learning algorithms such as logic and convolutional neural networks, a wide range of classification and labels of user groups: user engagement, such as watch time, swipes, and commonly used likes or shares, and user feedback engine: that is, multiple iterations to retrieve the updated data model based on user feedback.

to interpret people's way of thinking during use, and try to echo people's behavior patterns as much as possible to achieve efficient retention!

3.Microservices architecture

microservices architecture is like neurons in the human body, cloud-native infrastructure in the system. In layman's terms, it will push user analysis, prediction, cold start, recall and user feedback engine and other related content to the system or user through the cloud as quickly as possible, and in the eyes of the industry, the underlying infrastructure is more important than the (machine learning) algorithms on it.

T-Tok has built a huge user ecosystem with a complete and powerful artificial intelligence algorithm, and what is even more amazing is that it will work harder and continuously provide better user experience. In turn, many people stay in the T-Tok interface, which has become one of the elements of T-Tok's huge traffic pool construction.

The most important push mechanism of T-Tok - FOR YOU

There are many components of T-Tok's traffic distribution, but FOR YOU is definitely the most important part and can be seen by other users in FOR YOU to have the possibility of becoming popular!

(a) What is FOR YOU

First of all - FOR YOU is the push interface that all users will see as soon as they enter T-Tok.

The official has said that the content presented in FOR YOU is tailored to personal interests, and everyone's content situation is unique.

Our interpretation: Different people and different devices may push some of the same videos when pushing, but your push in the whole browsing process must be unique, T-Tok's built-in algorithm will balance the videos sent out per second, in the fairest and most likely way to leave you, combined and arranged to push in front of you.

As a merchant, if the videos you publish can be continuously recommended in FOR YOU, it is equivalent to you being hit by the organic traffic package, plus the little yellow car brought in the video ~

Guess your "lucky package" Can it work wonderfully?

(ii) When does FOR YOU run?

Straight to the point — FOR YOU has been running since you signed up for T-Tok.

Take the most basic thing as an example — for example, if you just signed up for a US account, do you think FOR YOU will push you a bunch of Spanish or Italian videos?

Impossible ha, let's not mention the custom, the language barrier is a big problem.

As long as you don't go out of your way to search, you can't push it in large quantities throughout your use process. This is doomed from the beginning, if a video is not a hit, it is difficult to be really pushed to a large number of global users.

(3) How to use FOR YOU to obtain accurate customers (simple version)

After understanding FOR YOU above, we naturally want to use FOR You get the most benefits for yourself - such as a relatively accurate group of people, as for how to obtain such people, come, briefly say a few points.

Regarding how to obtain accurate customers, it is easy to analyze from the following two points in the account settings

: 1. National environment

Europe and America: United Kingdom, United States

Southeast Asian market: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines

It is recommended that you first use the above 8 countries when registering an account.

Although at present, T-Tok's account homepage can link to independent websites, Amazon and other cross-border e-commerce platforms, and even link to its own INS, IG and other private domains, but!

You want customers to jump from the video to the homepage and then find the corresponding product link, this link finding node is really too long! And the fastest way is definitely the little yellow car.

At present, only the above 8 countries in T-Tok can freely hang the yellow car in the video!

At the same time, the national environment is also the most important one in the T-Tok traffic-oriented sector, just like the above T-Tok will not push a large number of content from different countries, your target sales group in which country, you will do which country account, this is the biggest guarantee for your early operation traffic accuracy.

2. Account nickname + avatar

Although a complete and vertical account nickname + avatar does not seem to be a standard that can be detected by the system, it is the most direct way for users to search!

Search category terms for what you want, this is something that children of several years old now know, have an account nickname and avatar in the same category, and then match the video or live broadcast content made with heart, you naturally don't have to worry about your own traffic!

Without further ado, this time I will directly show you the excellent case

Let's take a look at how vertical these high-end players can be

example - lipstick: lipstick

Search lipstick, all of them basically have the word lipstick in the account name, and most of the top ones are lipstick as the account avatar ~ guess why the top peers do this?

I don't need to say more, everyone should be clear in their hearts.