Summary of T-Tok current limiting causes (with current limit cause analysis method)

12-16 2022

The problem of T-Tok current limiting is really a high-frequency problem in the T-Tok field!

Frequently asked questions include, but are not limited to: The first few videos have views, and the subsequent ones are zero-broadcast

>  N videos were sent, and the number of views was tens to hundreds

The video data shot and edited with heart is in the single digits


If you look at the above questions, is there a kind of rush to smell the tears of sad people.

Normally, we find that T-Tok accounts are throttled and think in three directions: 1. There is a problem with the network that is being used

2. There is a problem with the selected material, which violates the T-Tok Community Regulations

3. The video quality of the clip is not good~

Realistically, most of the throttling is due to the above three reasons.

However, if you break it down, there are many other factors caused by current limiting in T-Tok!

Next, we will analyze the specific problem on a case-by-case basis!

First, the current limit possibility analysis

Let's first look at the more likely first and third articles.

(1) If it is a problem

with the net

Due to the relatively large monitoring during this period, there are still more friends who have problems with the network and come to consult us~

What exactly will happen and what the precursors are here is not easy to say.

I'll just say what you can do!

1. If you are using a free net that you find casually, it is recommended to change to a paid network that is more considered. (preferably exclusive).

2. If you can see that the paid network you are using is used by too many people or has been locked, it needs to be replaced.

(ii) If the video quality is not good

Well, to be honest, this problem is still common in most of the situations we encounter.

Many people are anxious to find it easy, when they want to change the network or consult something else, they will finally find that the equipment is normal, send videos easily, and the number of views is rising.

In a word... Embarrassed to no~

In response to this kind of problem, everyone knows that it is definitely necessary to strengthen the quality and editing method of the video.

But how to do it? What do you need to avoid?

Let me tell you a few: 1. Non-era limited video, do not use poor quality video

>  For example, a video that was also popular on T-Tok before~

Times are progressing, and we look back at the images taken by the equipment in the past that are indeed not very good, but this is because of the age and technology.

But now if you want to shoot a video with such pixels, you really don't have to~

Of course, if you want to make an era-limited mix-cut video, then you should also consider whether many people have used similar materials on T-Tok

2. Don't send different types of videos blindly

T-Tok pushes accounts according to the tags that the system determines for accounts.

Known for different account styles and account content.

But you need to know that if you are an individual, this account type is vague, and there will be many obstacles to your future account delivery.

If you are a merchant, you can create videos with your own unique style through unified account covers, account styles, etc.

This kind of multi-category account will only make your potential users very vague about your tags!

Once the T-Tok system pushes your video to people who are different from your video content according to the original label, it is what we often call pan-traffic, if you are recommended are such inaccurate users, the other party is very likely to be crossed away, not to mention that your playback volume will be affected, and your account's push situation in T-Tok may also be affected! !


(1) Do not use materials that are used too much on T-Tok

(2) Pay attention to the quality of the published video

(3) The account style should be unified

(4) Set the track and do not change blindly, so as not to recommend the traffic inaccurately, affecting the account

>  4. A suggestion

Regarding the issue of the release of the video, I will say a little about a point that many people will not notice.


T-Tok is a platform for benchmarking overseas markets, and foreigners attach great importance to their personal rights. In the same way, they also value their music very much, and many music cannot be used casually on T-Tok without permission.

Especially for some music that needs to be paid, many people use domestic video clips, directly send T-Tok, and when you send it out, you will find that your picture is moving normally, but there is no sound at all. You said that this will not affect your video data very much!

Therefore, it is recommended to know more about the music of your choice before using it, of course, you can also use the music available on T-Tok directly!

Other causes of T-Tok video throttling + solution

This is an additional question~ Since I have talked to you about the problem of flow limiting, I can easily talk about other possible causes and solutions. Specifically, you can directly compare it one to one!

(1) There is a problem with the selected material, which violates the T-Tok community regulations

Realistically speaking, there are indeed many friends who are eager to increase their fans, and they will always select some unconventional content in order to increase their fans.

But the reality is that T-Tok's algorithm is better than yours! As soon as these things you send are recognized, it is very possible to limit the flow of a few videos to a small matter, and it is very possible to directly block your account.

In general, the first inspection is a warning followed by strong measures.

Friends who have problems such as playing edge balls, please pay attention to your account inbox at any time~<

span style="font-size: 18px;"> Some friends may think: Then I don't have this idea, I just post videos normally, why am I also warned?

Well, in fact, this is mainly due to the differences between our domestic and foreign cultures and laws.

Worried friends can take a look at T-Tok's community rules, there are only a few lines, you can read them carefully. If you don't have good English, just copy it directly into the translation software and check it.

In general, T-Tok's censorship will be much greater than that of domestic video platforms (due to the globalization of apps, the cultural acceptance of each country needs to be considered).

For example:

The gimmick video of a D-sound balloon flying with a puppy was popular for a while, but such videos may be removed on T-Tok for harming animals.

What can you say? You can only accept it~

(2) Mass deletion of videos in the account at one time

It is rare for a real person to delete a large number of videos

when using an account!

I know that many friends want to take shortcuts and will directly buy some so-called high-fan accounts, but after getting it, they find that they are completely inconsistent with the direction they want to do, so they directly delete it.

I can only say about this, won't you hide it~ Why make it so obvious, this kind of account honestly has basic traffic but it is marked by T-Tok, and it is really difficult to save it in the future.

If you think the basic traffic is acceptable to you, of course, it's okay to send it. But if you can't accept it, it's easy to just give up!

(3) A large number of S powder was found

This situation is actually the same as above, it is all the result of doing S yourself.

Accounts with similar IPs suddenly become very active after liking, favoriting or following your videos many times, and T-Tok's system intelligence is really beyond your imagination~

In this case, we generally recommend replacing it!

(iv) New account throttling

This is possible. Some of our accounts did not publish data well on the first day, and were judged to have poor initial traffic. But then you will find that you can still turn over against the wind!

This may be because the environment, equipment or a factor in the network is not set, resulting in new account throttling, but this is caused by the initial risk control of the T-Tok system, which currently has no special instrument or software that can detect the specific situation, and can only be judged by the experience of the number operator.

The solution is generally to test the data by self-checking + using T-Tok's co-production function to co-produce recent high-quality videos.

(v) content is reported

Don't think that people on T-Tok can be idle and report themselves.

Some of the people who came to us were reported to have lost their accounts, why?

He's B's original video, the point is that after his secondary editing, hey, his data is higher than people's original, what can you say?

I don't know if it's good luck or bad!

Like the accounts have been messed with, we will definitely have to start over.

Some luck is good, that is, the warning is first, so first limit the current wave as a penalty.

Generally, this situation will be limited to a week, half a month, or even a month, depending on whether you can wait.

A better solution is to continue to post high-quality videos and send co-productions and original selfies, which makes it easier to recover the account's data.

Of course, the premise is that you don't post it successfully after being reported!

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