Detailed explanation of T-Tok's latest promotion monetization ideas in 2022

12-28 2022

in 20 years, T-Tok is stepping into the circle fire, as the world's largest traffic short video app, because of the large traffic, the difficulty of obtaining traffic is low, has become the best place for cross-border e-commerce sellers to do off-site drainage, T-Tok is foreign D sound, about the platform, I will not introduce much.

In 20 years, for sellers operated by T-Tok, the biggest problem is how to monetize, how to make traffic land, with the development of T-Tok, T-Tok's monetization ideas are becoming clearer, in 21 years, many creators directly rely on creator funds to obtain high returns.

Funds that include 22 and 23 years of creation will be one of the benefits for T-Tok operating sellers.

Creator Fund

briefly introduce, what is called T-Tok Creator Fund, friends who have played B station know that Beep Station has a creator reward, as long as the release video has a certain number of views, we can directly receive cash rewards, also because T-Tok was launched overseas soon, in order to motivate creators to create higher quality works, T-Tok also launched the T-Tok Creator Fund project.

In short, we post videos on T-Tok, after getting the number of views, you can directly get the reward, at present, T-Tok for the United States, the United States, Germany, Italy and other European countries creators, gave a creator incentive fund budget of $2 billion, and is expected to be relatively Australian, Japanese and other countries in 22 years, will also launch a creation fund reward.

T-Tok now wants the difficulty of video fire is too low, many sellers just rely on simple handling, can achieve millions or even tens of millions of views, in this regard, we have also made a personal attempt, you can also come to see the case, the same video, we put on D tone, only got 500 views, put on T-Tok, Got 4 million views.

There are many such cases, the reason is still because of the huge number of users of T-Tok, and now there is no very powerful creator like China, in fact, it is not difficult to understand, in 2018, many of the D sounds, only lip sync, can also get a high traffic, now D sounds, you go to shoot the right lip sync can be almost zero, It is also because in 2018, creators on D sound can not create very high-quality, very interesting content, according to the current fund, we budget a million views, about 70 US dollars reward.

Because our independent site is to do pet products, we will release some pet videos, some videos in the middle reached about 120 million views, in addition to the sales brought to our products, through a video, we also got nearly 1,000 US dollars of creator fund rewards, of course, this is our better video, Most videos are around three or four million views.

To be honest, it's really easy to get around three or four million views, and we can basically make a video with three or four million views in three days from the start of a new number. I think the reason is not because our videos are good, because we are not professional shooting sellers, or because the current audience traffic of T-Tok and the flow of creators are not equal, there are 4 billion viewers, but there are not very many high-quality creators, resulting in the current foreign version of D sound is very easy to fire.

the cargo logic for T-Tok traffic In addition to the creator, the fund, in fact, it has been mentioned, that is, to achieve profit by bringing goods, I have a case here to share with you, T-Tok has a lot of play, and then tell you a case, I have a friend who makes jewelry, probably the kind of jewelry that can be adsorbed by magnetic force, such as two necklaces they can suck together, this category of products is aimed at buyers are mainly that kind of couple, or very good friends, they buy a pair, because it can be adsorbed, To generate some emotional links, the shooting method is also very simple, real people do not appear on camera, the two necklaces are adsorbed together to do such a simple video, build a shopify independent site, put the necklace on the shelf to their own independent site, and then put the link of the independent site to the home page of T-Tok, is through such an operation, and then constantly send videos, buyers by watching the video into the home page, so that the website generates purchases, this is the simplest T-Tok traffic delivery logic.

Of course, there are more complex logic for bringing goods, such as a friend like me, who can collect the email addresses of all purchased customers, and then regularly push new products to them to generate repurchases and secondary purchases, which is to improve from the perspective of marketing itself, but also from other dimensions to do promotion. For example, in addition to short video goods, we can also directly open a live broadcast on T-Tok, T-Tok's live broadcast, really the blue ocean in the blue ocean, just came out, interested sellers can go to see, do live broadcast will be a little more difficult, because we need to be able to speak foreign languages.

traffic is introduced into the private domain

In addition to creating funds and bringing goods, the third monetization model is to introduce traffic into the private domain, for sellers who do COD model, this monetization method is very familiar, shoot videos, let the audience interested in video products directly add WeChat, of course, not WeChat, he is called whatapp, you can understand it as a foreign version of WeChat, and then we chat with our buyers separately to recommend some products to him. It should be noted that this way of marketing to the private domain is not suitable for general products.

For example, if we sell necklaces, it is very unsuitable for this method, and it is suitable for bringing goods through independent stations. Because the unit price of the product itself is relatively low, if each product requires us to chat with customers one by one, it is a waste of time and makes our marketing efficiency reduced, and directly pushing physical products will make customers disgusted. Most of the sellers who play T-Tok private domain monetization do some services, such as helping customers repair old photos, helping customers divination, or hand-customized products.

In addition to the above monetization methods, we can also generate monetization by being a service provider, such as buying and selling accounts, acting as accounts, etc., and I will share it with you here today.

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