How to improve the completion rate of T-Tok short videos?

12-29 2022

In the T-Tok short video platform, the completion rate of a short video has a decisive impact on the final promotion effect of the video. For newbies, increasing video completion can seem like a difficult thing. For novices, if you want to improve the completion rate of your video, you may wish to learn from the experience of our familiar byte-based short video platform, and do T-Tok experience through D tone dimensionality reduction strike, from which I summarized 3 methods. For newbies, it is not as difficult to increase the completion rate of videos as they think.

Today we will talk about how newbies can operate T-Tok and the completion rate!

First: network awareness cultivation.

Before you start learning T-Tok, be sure to watch more T-Tok videos to see what users on the T-Tok platform think, at least how to understand the platform, and get familiar with the users on this platform.

At the same time, you should also go to domestic platforms, such as D sound, K hand, etc., these platforms are mostly browsing, and think more about what content can be taken abroad to publish the same traffic.

Of course, you also have to consider local customs and culture, everyone's circle is different, understanding is different, we can accept, foreign countries may not be acceptable, such as domestic more popular pet play, you send abroad will not work, foreign countries treat pets as family and friends, you send abroad even if it is animal abuse, people will only report you.

That is, whitening products make yellow-skinned people white, and people will think that you are racist and will be reported.

1. When you first start posting videos, because you are a new user, the system does not have enough data support to judge what your account does, so you must raise your account at the beginning, brush more works, simulate normal operations, and then send some works, make pet videos, brush pet-related content, and like comments.

2. Open Proaccount to send your own video in advance to open, choose a class to tell the system, what I do, what is my class, so that the system can accurately push to people who like this class.

2. Set account attention.

For example, usernames and signatures are both related to the category of the account, the closer the better, if not, see how your peers set them. You can also express the value that your account can bring to users in the bio's personal introduction, or why should users pay attention to you, and then do some words to guide users, using some English abbreviations and emojis, the effect will be better.

Three: How to fill the video content.

First of all, you must locate, think about the categories and content you want to do, and then follow 10 accounts in the same industry on T-Tok, and judge your copywriting, music, tags and other information through the data of the accounts. We all do a good job of documenting each other and then make changes and become a part of who we are.

At the same time, you also have to collect relevant information on other platforms and carefully filter high-quality content so that your videos have a greater explosive rate. Compare high-quality materials and feel it yourself, see where the laughs, tears, and grooves of this content are, whether it is useful, interesting, and resonant.

For example, D sound, volcano X melon video, etc., foreign: youtube, facebook, T-Tok, etc. are the source of your content, watch it with a purpose, or you will fall into it and waste a lot of time.

To change your role, you're looking for material as a creator rather than a consumer, and you're not looking for video to pass the time, and when you see this content, you think about how I edited this video on T-Tok.

Fourth: Writing requirements.

The text has several tips, you can learn it, and after learning, you can increase the end of the video interactive likes and stays, which is very useful.

1. You can add tilltheend to the subtitle of the video, that is, let the user see the final surprise, after implanting a hook in the video, at least your ratings will be greatly improved. Or add a followformore in the last few seconds to direct users to your account, or add text tracks in key locations of the video so that users can quickly understand the content information expressed in your video.

2. The official voting function can also be used in the video to increase interaction with users and improve the interaction rate data.

3. Need you to maintain the comment area and post some resonant comments below the video, such as: sayhihere, IwillreplyuYouwon'tsayhi?

So how can we improve our writing skills? First of all, it is still necessary to brush more T-Tok videos, I found that some students do not log in to the T-Tok account before and after posting videos, and pick up and watch when sending videos, which is definitely not possible, you must brush more videos, so that you can collect materials, collect copywriting content, and make your own videos when they are useful. The second is to use more data platforms, monitor your benchmarking accounts to see what they publish, see more, use more content yourself, so you can gradually learn how to write documents.

5: How to improve the completion rate

1. Deliberately set suspense in the video In the domestic D voice, there is an account named Meniere that was once very popular. The account often pushes videos of some reasoning short dramas, and allows users to actively watch videos repeatedly to find them through various clues hidden in each segment of the video. Meinier uses this method to encourage users not only to watch the video, but also to watch the video repeatedly, and the completion rate will naturally not fall but rise.

When operating T-Tok, we can use this method. For example, you can leave a clue in the middle of a short video and then ask a question at the end of the video, so that users will be more willing to watch the video repeatedly.

2. Control the rhythm and length of the video

3. Grasp the golden three seconds


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