T-Tok Private Domain Acquisition Guide!

12-30 2022

T-Tok selection (B2B)

Although we usually have mobile phones to see the time, the value enhancement brought by watches cannot be reflected by mobile phones.

From the point of view of the movement, there are mechanical watches, quartz watches, electronic watches, etc.; From the point of view of function, there are smart watches, waterproof meters, sports watches, etc.; Judging by the crowd, there are men's watches, women's watches, children's watches, couple watches, etc.

You can see the time, you can use it as a collection, you can also send friends....

On T-Tok, #watch目前累计114亿播放量,#smartwatch目前累计5 98 million views, #watches目前累计16亿播放量,#OEM目前累计1 99.6 million views, and countless watches of all kinds.

T-Tok short video content (content direction)

2.1 Production line display The short video shooting here does not need to be complicated, mainly showing the watch production line, the long view in the lens.

inadvertently gave netizens the most direct feeling: this is a large-scale, powerful watch manufacturer, worthy of cooperation.

2.2 Watch partial close-up

A close-up watch installation process, a close-up ultra-high-definition watch partial display, Let netizens have an intuitive understanding of the workmanship and complexity involved in the watch assembly process.

It is both the craftsmanship of the watch and the display of ingenuity.

2.3 Playback test

process The watch is installed, and the performance test process can also be displayed, which will highlight the manufacturer's rigor and professionalism in the watch manufacturing process.

Users can buy with peace of mind, use it with confidence, and place large orders more comfortably.

2.4 Finished watch wear

Hold the watch directly and photograph the style of the watch; Or put the watch on, you can see both the effect and the style of the watch, plus the popular background music, the effect is good.

However, since our buyers are mainly B-side, when displaying watches, the background should also be exquisite. The background can be a bunch of watches, or it can be a real scene in the factory, which is relatively flexible here.

T-Tok order conversion (inquiry)

3.1 Page direct link T-Tok account to thousands of fans, there is no need to authenticate to have a website function, hang an independent website link on the homepage, and then communicate with potential buyers through customer service to complete orders.

3.2 Email

Although the email function is rare, it is still used by many players. If you hang an email on the homepage, potential buyers will jump to the email when they click it, and @outlook, @yahoo, and @gmail are all fine.

3.3 WhatsApp

Hang WhatsApp through the homepage, the homepage should not be blindly placed, otherwise the number is easy F. In this case, in order to attract more potential buyers, it is common to make multiple accounts to complete the order conversion on WhatsApp.

3.4 T-Tok Shop

Watches are available in small UK stores and can attract more potential buyers through video or live streaming. Completing the conversion through small stores is relatively easier for C-end customers to convert. For B-end buyers, it is necessary to do a good job of screening and communication.

In summary, there are many styles of watches, and the use scenarios are also very wide, we can come according to our actual situation!

But here is the B-side, then all our short video content is nothing more than to get more accurate inquiries, there are large orders, and even ODM or OEM, I hope the above content will inspire and extend to everyone.

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