How does T-Tok e-commerce cross-border MCN operate?

01-12 2023

In order to catch up with this wave of T-Tok's dividend boom, practitioners related to e-commerce live streaming have opened a wave of overseas and started cross-border trading, including MCN known for its Internet celebrity assembly line manufacturing machine, which gave birth to another new track: T-Tok e-commerce cross-border MCN. This article will take you to understand T-Tok e-commerce cross-border MCN, see what it is, and how should it operate? And how do you settle in? How is it different from traditional MCNs?

> What is a cross-border MCN?

As we all know, MCN institutions are institutions that monetize and profit by signing incubators to become Internet celebrities with certain traffic and influence after signing incubators to become Internet celebrities with certain traffic and influence.

The T-Tok e-commerce cross-border MCN specifically refers to signing online celebrity anchors to Tik through training on the T-Tok platform Sellers or brand merchants on Tok shops provide online celebrity economic companies with account brand operation incubation, advertising product publicity docking, creative marketing, cross-border live broadcast and other delivery services.

So the essence of T-Tok cross-border MCN is actually the same as the essence of MCN, the only difference is that the main service object of cross-border MCN is the merchant brand on T-Tok small store, so in terms of operation mode, cross-border MCN and traditional MCN are still somewhat different.

How does a cross-border MCN work?

MCN agencies mainly rely on top influencers to advertise to earn commissions, so MCN often needs to establish a batch of influencer assembly lines and lay out different types of KOLs on different platforms to improve advertising conversion rates and obtain profits.

However, as a T-Tok e-commerce cross-border MCN, it should pay more attention to achieving overseas monetization through cross-border e-commerce relying on high-quality content, which requires cross-border MCN to: 1, the content is deeply cultivated in vertical fields and the ability of Internet celebrities to bring goods. For MCN companies, content marketing is a crucial existence, which is the basis for influencers to attract followers, and the same is true for cross-border MCNs. However, unlike traditional MCNs, cross-border MCNs pay more attention to the construction of content e-commerce and focus on cultivating the live streaming capabilities of Internet celebrities.

2. Localized KOL marketing. Due to the different cultural, linguistic and social environments of different regions, cross-border MCNs must do a good job in localized KOL marketing while deeply cultivating content, in order to successfully achieve shortcuts to drainage and empower cross-border merchants.

Therefore, cross-border MCN is actually very suitable for MCN with e-commerce background to settle in, if you happen to be interested in cross-border MCN, then be sure to collect the next entry strategy:

The first thing you need to know is that Tik is currently available The countries where Tok can host cross-border MCNs are: the United Kingdom, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The popular areas of e-commerce live streaming are mainly concentrated in Southeast Asia, which needs to be noted. After selecting the settlement area, let's take a look at the entry conditions that Tik Tok officially requires cross-border MCNs to meet

: 1. Perfect enterprise qualifications: Chinese mainland:

no risk records and abnormal business records, A business license registered for more than one year, and the business scope includes the service content required by cross-border MCN


Hong Kong, China: No risk record and abnormal business record, business license registered for more than one year, and qualification and verification of corporate entity settlement.

2. Tik Tok account: At least 3 T-Tok accounts operated by the target market country with ≥ number of followers and 1000, and the status of a single account is normal.

3. Excellent content creation ability: have completed at least 10 screenshots of the market live broadcast in English for more than 30 minutes, and need to show the live broadcast scene and duration recording operation team configuration.

4. Complete operation team configuration: There is a dedicated T-Tok operation team, and the number of team members is at least 3 or more.

with high-quality live streaming hardware, fixed office space and stable and effective live broadcast plan (providing a broadcast plan for the next month)

After successful settlement, the platform will give corresponding cash support rewards according to GMV. Help cross-border MCNs quickly gain a foothold on the platform.

Coupled with the momentum of T-Tok's e-commerce business, the wave of overseas short video goods has ushered in many dividends, and entering the cross-border MCN can be described as a steady profit.

Of course, if you want to successfully go to sea, settlement is the first hurdle, due to the strict review of the platform, the complex and cumbersome information to be prepared, the failure rate of their own application is high and time-consuming, it is recommended to consult a more professional agency to settle in efficiently.

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