How should T-Tok accounts increase their followers? Look at this one!

01-30 2023

Whether you are watching T-Tok newbie or a long-term T-Tok player, I am afraid that you are full of question ???marks for the way of increasing fans + draining traffic on T-Tok and why your T-Tok account is slow to increase followers

After all, T-Tok as a short video social traffic platform, video or live broadcast data is the hardest currency, can ensure that their followers + monetization is the most intuitive proof!

The idea is: no matter which platform you do – monetize! Make hay! It's king!

• As for how to get fans on T-Tok?

•Which account types are growing faster?

•Which methods are better for monetization?


Without further ado, just look down!

First, pay attention from

registration Friends who have played or understood T-Tok know that the use of T-Tok is not the same as many domestic platforms~ If you have a lot of problems from the beginning of registration, then no matter how hard you send videos later, it will be difficult for you to break out of the siege, get higher views, and then increase your fans.

(a) Device problems

1. Check whether the mobile phone operating T-Tok has a card inserted, whether there is residual carrier information, and even the relevant data information of the previous mobile phone owner.

If there is a card, pull the card, and delete all residual information!

2. Confirm with someone who understands the model of the mobile phone, or confirm whether the configuration of the mobile phone is too low, etc., whether it is suitable for T-Tok operation.

For example, Apple, if you are still using a device below Apple 6, it is really very possible that some strange problems will occur. You don't stop having problems, and it's certainly impossible to get a high number of broadcasts and increase your followers!

3. Generally speaking, we do not recommend that students use domestic mobile phones, by no means think that our domestic mobile phones are not good, but because the current domestic mobile phones are not very compatible with the Google framework, once installed there will always be many peculiar problems, one of which may be that your account video may be zero broadcast.

How can you increase your fans when you have zero broadcasts? Right?

(ii) Registration issues


span style="font-size: 18px;"> 1. Do not register with a domestic mobile phone number

First of all, T-Tok can be registered with a domestic mobile phone number.


After all, T-Tok is a social media platform connected to overseas markets, and the account registered with a domestic mobile phone number will be "well cared for" by T-Tok's official ~ Especially in terms of traffic preference, if your target market is the United Kingdom, the United States and other European and American regions, but you register with a domestic mobile phone number, then your overall traffic will be biased towards the domestic market! This is contrary to your purpose ~

2. Do not register with QQ email This

is an experience ha.

T-Tok registration is actually very simple, you don't need to register with your real name or provide messy credentials.

Therefore, many friends will choose their more commonly used QQ email for registration. However, according to the situation we have summarized, T-Tok accounts registered with QQ email will always have various problems, even after thousands of fans and thousands of fans, the probability of sudden problems is greater than that may occur after general email registration.

3. Try not to register with a third-party account

T-Tok actually encourages everyone to use third-party accounts to register, because the person who has these accounts will be more like a foreigner using T-Tok.

However, this method will easily advise XUE members not to do this.

After all, everyone uses it in China, and once there are some problems with third-party accounts, T-Tok accounts may also have problems at any time. For example, if your third-party account is banned from closing a small black room, maybe your T-Tok will not be able to log in~

If it's an account with few fans, it's okay, in case you have accumulated a lot of fans, it's not about crying on the ground ~


(iii) W's problem

This is definitely a top priority!

Once there is a problem with this, don't say that it has gained fans, your normal use of T-Tok is a problem.

In this section, we generally have the following two suggestions


1. If you use the free W, it is recommended to replace the paid W. (preferably exclusive).

2. If the paid W is used by too many people or has been locked, it also needs to be replaced.

What should I do about T-Tok videos?

Whether it is a personal account or a corporate account, the more you want to increase your followers, the more you can't publish T-Tok videos.

As long as T-Tok videos can explode, it is really natural to gain fans. In addition to the video, the live broadcast is also very good, but now everyone wants to open a live broadcast, first of all, the T-Tok account must have thousands of fans, you see this matter still returns to the increase of fans!

Next, I will talk to you about how to do T-Tok videos!

(1) Different types of videos are layered

We have summarized a mantra: regular video batch shooting, hot video quick shooting, and deep video careful shooting

1. Batch shooting of regular videos

As a new number, the most important thing for everyone is to maintain the update frequency of the work.

To put it bluntly, regular video is used for heaping. Some people may want to have a bunch of water videos, and it's better to detonate + gain fans than a boutique video.

But what is the reality?

Many people don't have excellent copywriting and editing at all, and even if you put a video in front of him, he can't copy it well.

What do you expect from this? It's better to honestly take a few more videos to maintain the activity of your account.

2. Hot video quick shoot

What is a hot spot?

is a fleeting flashpoint!

You can't catch a lot of people! So if you want to rub the hot spot to get a hot video, you must be fast!

The content output can be maintained at the usual level normal output, if you want to express your creativity on this hot video, it will take some time to complete, it is recommended to first produce a condensed version of the content, first go up to rub the heat.

Otherwise, the heat is over, and your carefully crafted content to fried cold rice may not be able to compare to the playback of the hot video made by the rough cut.

3. Depth video carefully shot

Depth video is used to increase fan stickiness and improve conversion, and this kind of video is very much in need of polishing.

From copywriting, picture composition, to the composition of the camera personnel to the editing soundtrack, it is necessary to polish + cooperate with each other in the early stage, and some carefully shot videos, the audience can clearly feel the sincerity, not fool!

Of course, as for how to make high-quality videos, it belongs to our internal data~

(2) What type of account to do backwards from the purpose

>  Different types of accounts have different degrees of help for increasing followers.

If you pick a very niche track for yourself, you will find that no matter how you do it, you will not be able to grow followers as fast as others, but as long as your account content is OK, your fans will be your best loyal buyers.

Here is mainly about accounts that are suitable for novices and are relatively easy to increase followers!

1. Funny account

It is very easy to increase fans, but there are fewer ways to monetize, and it is more difficult to bring goods!

2. Pet account

It is relatively easy to increase followers, and it is relatively easy to receive advertisements, especially for cute food and toys and the like~

3. Mother and baby accounts

The track is very wide, and now more and more people are paying attention to the cause of young children, if you can rely on parent-child daily circles, whether it is a mother or a child can receive a lot of advertising, the difficulty of monetization is very low.

Okay, let's talk about these three account types

3. How to attract traffic to your own account?

(1) Account homepage drainage

You can direct traffic in your account's profile or account avatar.

For example, the account avatar uses the relevant LOGO of its own brand, and mentions similar text in the personal profile such as "you can click the link below to get your favorite product" or "click on the shopping bag below, everything you want is here" to attract traffic to the port with goods.

(ii) video drainage

In fact, we can now attract users from the video push process to the corresponding third-party platform by making a guiding video cover, leaving contact information in the video release copy, etc.

At this time, we will invite the old actor to return to the factory~ The cover is directly hung on the drainage port, as long as everyone who sees the video knows where it is pointed! As long as your video is good enough and your data is good enough, don't you have any customers?


style="font-size: 18px;"> (3) Hot evaluation drainage There are two advantages to doing hot evaluation drainage

: One is to make the system feel that you are more like a real person who often brushes T-Tok


The second is to have a certain drainage effect, for example, you can comment on some paragraphs or complaining sentences under other people's popular videos, and when others see your comments and think you are interesting, they may click into your homepage to take a look. Anyway, don't want money, can attract one is one!

(iv) keyword optimization ranking drainage

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