T-Tok brand information feed advertising analysis!

01-31 2023

We call in-feed-ads in English, so what is T-Tok's brand in-feed advertising?

In short, it is the advertising form that is originally played with the video under the "for you" column

It is more relevant and brand expression, and the content is advertising

immersive vertical video from 5-60s with automatic playback with sound

Products: One Day Max (contract advertising), Reach & Frequency, brand bidding

Of course, here's a tip: One Day Max It has stopped selling

So what are the characteristics of In-feed ads on T-Tok?

1. Full-screen video autoplay, native audio and video experience effectively transmitted

2. Flexible sales of brand information to meet different marketing needs

3. Brand exposure - a variety of purchase forms, establish rich associations and interactions

with users And here T-Tok's brand standard advertising has 3 forms, 1. brand contract advertising 2.Reach & Frequency 3. brand auction advertising 1. What is brand contract advertising, if it is a hard wide field, it can be divided into two types 1. Open-screen advertising, such as: TOPVIEW 2. Information flow, such as: One Day Max<


style="font-size: 18px;"> 2. What is Reach & Frequency, which is a self-service purchase method that provides transparent media planning and predictable in-feed advertising, which allows advertisers to control how often users see ads and target users The general manifestation is top feed or Standard Feed

3. Brand bidding advertising, then there are also 3 forms of expression Reach goal, Video View goal, and Community Interaction goal

Next, we will focus on Reach & Frequency and brand bidding advertising on the T-Tok platform<

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; "> 1.Reach&Frequency (a self-service purchase that provides transparent media planning and predictable in-feed advertising, allowing advertisers to control how often users see ads and target users)

Product form: information flow advertising, support strong native + strong diversion two styles

•Billing method: Impression (CPM)

Predictable metrics: Imps, CPM, Reach, Average frequency, Reach % • Supports predetermined dimensions: budget, impression

, reach, reach ratio

• Targeting ability: crowd attributes, interests, operating system, device price, network mode

Placements: TopFeed or Standard Feed

•DMP support: support

•Custom frequency settings: 1≤N, 1≤M≤ Campaign Duration;

•Default frequency setting: 3 times in 7 days; Maximum frequency: 4 times

a day • Booking time: can be booked 225 days in advance, up to 90 days of plan

Landing page link setting: support internal page and external page Reach & Frequency Product Information

• Supported 3 optimization goals: 1. Exposure 2. Traffic 3. Effective video viewing < span style="font-size: 18px

; "> Reach&Frequency's products are essentially brand advertisements with guaranteed exposure purchased by CPM on the TTAM platform. Core advantages: book in advance, lock inventory, ensure budget consumption and exposure level , lower CPM, more flexible/autonomous operation, and more functional high-volume exposure products

2. Brand auction ads (can be distinguished by objectives, look for Reach&Video View & Community Interaction) ●Reach: Reach the largest number of target audiences

at the best price<

span style="font-size: 18px;"> Support CPM purchase

●Support frequency control Bid on 2-second or 6-second CPV ●Community Interaction: Optimize for followers and account visits, and increase followers with oCPM billing; Page visits are billed

in CPC Advantages of brand auction ads:

1. Targeting and recall: have a complete labeling and targeting system; Support extracting ad exposure/interaction groups for standard/non-standard ads for remarketing coverage

2. Creative and optimized: adapt to video templates/video intelligent soundtracks/quick optimization and other functions  3. Bidding and measurement: Bid according to different optimization goals, and support the Lowest Cost bidding function, no need to manually set bidding, the system automatically adjusts the price to obtain the maximum exposure opportunity;

4. Security and measurement: support brand measurement/BLS/three-party monitoring, etc.

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